Impact ‘24 Cohort

Hati Health is a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize employee well-being within your organization. Our platform offers an array of features tailored to enhance physical, mental health support, foster a positive work culture, and ultimately boost productivity and retention rates.
POLKA.PH is a dedicated online store that lets employees shop now and pay later over salary deduction. We help business give their employees a safe, easy and affordable way to buy things on installment. POLKA is totally free to implement with no cost or liability to the employer.
bonanza benefits is positioned to bridge this gap, offering not just a streamlined employee benefits platform but a holistic and flexible solution aimed at revitalizing employee health and happiness. Our approach is designed to foster a workplace environment where wellbeing is paramount, thereby driving operational efficiencies, reducing healthcare costs, and enhancing overall company performance.
With Get Hired, there are video questionnaires to the job application process, and candidates shall need to include video responses to their application. So you get to know more about the applicant, his actual appearance and communication skills, even before you meet him. With Get Hired, we make recruitment more effective & efficient through video technology.
The available surveys now in the market are INFLEXIBLE (off the shelf) and Customized surveys ARE EXPENSIVE.

Report Generation is not REAL TIME because it will take a lead time of 1-3 months to generate the results. Hence, the action needed to be done is also delayed or does not anymore address the concern.

There is also the survey fatigue because people see it as tedious and very work-related. Now, people are more into gamification and simplification.
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